Tumpane Students at TDSB Storytelling Event









Nine students in Grades 3, 4 and 5 represented Tumpane at a local TDSB Storytelling Event held at H.J. Alexander Public School. The students had an excellent opportunity to speak publicly, share their personal and true stories, and listen to other students from three different TDSB schools. Our students represented the school very well by listening to other students respectfully and being good audience members. It was a proud moment for our students to receive feedback and praises from renowned storyteller, Itah Sadu. The experience was an important stepping stone for our students’ written and oral language development. Mr. Wong would like to congratulate Tattyannah, Alexis, Magdalena, Priyanka, Alyson, Christen, Samantha, Adila and  Sara for their courage, dedication, and success.