French Carnival (Carnaval) Kick-Off

Tumpane had a lively kick-off to the school’s upcoming French Carnival (Carnaval). With a special performance hosted by Gotta Love That French, students and teachers sang and danced their way to celebrate a very important part of Francophone culture. We’re all looking forward to the week-long celebration starting on Monday. For additional Carnval information, visit the official site:

Around the school, many students were preparing decorations for the upcoming festivities. The colours in their artwork were vibrant and jolly, adding to the excitement of the big event.








French Carnival School Celebration – Friday, March 2nd

We are happy to announce that the preparations for Tumpane’s French Carnival are well underway! Students and teachers are learning about customs and celebrations of French culture, and we will be , showcasing our learning in a week-long event at the end of February. Please keep Friday, March 2nd free on your calendar. We will invite parents and community members to attend our school-wide French Carnival activities.

If you’d like more information about the French Carnival in Quebec, please visit the official Quebec Carnival / Carnaval de Quebec website for further details.

Free Hearing Clininc at Tumpane

All schools participating in the Model Schools for Inner Cities will have free hearing screening clinics. Certified Communicative Disorders Assistants will be at Tumpane to check your child’s hearing. This will take place on Tuesday, February 28th, at 12:45pm. If you have any qeustions concernig this free service, please don’t hesitate to contact the school: 416-395-2950. To view the letter as electronically (MS Word doc), simply click on this link.

A Call for Nominations from Parents for TDSB Excellence Awards

Nominations for TDSB Teacher Excellence Awards are now open. Please read a letter from the Director of Education, TDSB.

To view this letter as a PDF, click here: TDSB Excellence Awards

 Dear Parent/Guardian,

I believe in recognizing the significant things happening around us every day and celebrating excellence throughout our schools and departments.

Each year, our Board hosts the Excellence Awards – the premier staff achievement award at the TDSB. Last year I was amazed and inspired by the 17 winners, who demonstrated excellence in supporting our students. This year I hope to see even more nominations submitted!

This year, the Excellence Awards will recognize those individuals or groups who have best advanced the five Strategic Directions of the TDSB, namely:

1. Make every school an effective school;

2. Build leadership within a culture of adaptability, openness, and resilience;

3. Form strong and effective relationships and partnerships;

4. Build environmentally sustainable schools that inspire teaching and learning; and

5. Identify disadvantage and intervene effectively.

I encourage you, as a parent or guardian of a student in our system, to consider nominating an individual or group of staff who has created a program, project, partnership or event that realizes one or more of the Strategic Directions. We want to hear from you!

Download a nomination form and selection criteria and view profiles of last year’s winners now at The deadline for applications is March 2.

I’m looking forward to highlighting incredible achievements from across the Board and celebrating with everyone at the Excellence Awards Celebration on May 10 Earl Haig SS.

From Dr. Spence, Director of Education for TDSB

Remembrance Day and Character Assembly


Tumpane recognized Remembrance Day today with a ceremony by staff and students. The students read poems and presented different perspectives on why we remember the brave men and women who served (and continue to serve) in the Canadian Armed Forces.

The assembly was also a time to recognize students from classes who have demonstrated the character trait for October: responsibility. Two students from each class were nominated to receive awards from Principal Dey. Congratulations to those students who are showing everyone how they are responsible members of society.

SMART Board in the Library

The school library and computer lab has a great addition: a SMART Board. This addition gives students in the primary grades an opportunity to interact with the new technology and ways of teaching/learning. Currently, only the junior grades have SMART Boards in their classrooms.

It’s amazing to see how quickly young learners adapt and grasp new concepts, including touch-sensitive screens. By simply placing these students in front of the SMART Board, you can see the imagination stirring in their eyes, and the amazing coordination of physical (hands, eyes, body position) and mental (thoughts, deductions, inferences, creativity). We’re looking forward to the future for these bright, young learners.