January 27th is Family Literacy Day

On January 27th everyone across Canada will celebrate our 14th annual Family Literacy Day! This day encourages families to find time to engage in literacy activities that promote the love of reading, writing and learning. 

In order to support early literacy, students in grade 1 will receive their own copy of the picture book Gifts /Cadeaux written by Jo Ellen Bogart, illustrated by Barbara Reid courtesy of the Toronto Dominion Bank. Every year, a different book is chosen and donated so early readers can add this book to their personal library and read it at their leisure.  

We encourage you to spend some “literacy time” each day with your child reading, playing board games, writing a letter or even following a recipe together.  Visit your branch of the Toronto Public Library or a favourite bookstore and browse the shelves!  For additional literacy activities, you can visit www.abclifeliteracy.ca 

Happy reading everyone!

Mrs. Giannetta, Your Friendly Teacher-Librarian