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1. “Wonderful to see this site up and running. It is very functional. Keep up the great work, Ms. Dey & team!!”      From F. Jagdeo, school community visitor.

2. “I like Mary’s work. It is good, very good. I like Olivia’s work. It is good.”
From Tamoy, Grade 3.

3. “Tumpane School is fun and the girls’ basketball team is good. How  they  have fun and win for the school. I like my principal.”      From Shaniqua, Grade 3.


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  1. Wow! Congratulations to Mr. Wong, the Tech Club and Mr. Bellotto! This web site is fantastic!!! It does a really good job at letting our community (and the rest of the world) see the great people and things we do at our school.

    The site has so many areas, and the content is sure to increase over time. This is definitely something all of Tumpane can be proud of.

    Bravo to us all!

    From Mr. Mah, Vice-Principal

  2. I love the girls basketball team! I am a little bit sad that we lost, but on the bright side at least we made all to the city finals! For sure I will join the girls’ basketball team next year in 2012!

  3. I love Tumpane Public School
    Tumpane is a great school. I love Tumpane so much that I don’t ever want to leave.
    Tumpane rules, it rocks, and it’s the prefect school where I will always want to be.


  4. I’m so impressed with our Tumpane school site. Thank you to Mr. Wong and Mr. Bellotto for your dedication to our students in developing this site to push us into 21st century reaching/teaching/learning. The calibre of work posted is truly impressive. AWESOME Tumpane!!!

    Ms. Correia :)

  5. I love the website. It’s so cool. Great job, Mr.Bellotto and Mr. Wong. And it’s so cool that me and the basketball team went to the city finals. Go Tumpane!

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