Students’ Work

A beautiful “Bienvenue” greets all students and visitors from Mlle. Dionne’s Grade 1 class.

Enfei, a Grade 3 student in Mme. Jean-Gady’s class, made a wonderful model of a pioneer farmhouse with his parents at home. After a trip to Black Creek’s Pioneer Village, this model is a culminating activity that combines the lessons learned on the field trip and his in-class lessons in French. Enfei was able to demonstrate his knowledge in both French and English, as seen in his video interviews. To view the views, click here.


Suman, Grade 4 (Simpson)

It’s amazing how students can creatively construct meaningful pieces of art, and then provide expression of their work in an interview. After speaking with Suman about her artwork, it was clear that she demonstrated very clear connections to her artwork and her personal identity and experiences. She explained the instructions for her art lesson that Ms. Simpson had given her: use different shades for the background, and then cut out multiple and identical designs with black construction paper to make a foreground. When asked why she chose the particular designs, she explained how the mosques were central to her religion, and how the houses around the mosques usually had a similar design. She wanted to show mountains because of a personal fondness for them, and then the other designs were creative choices.


Mery, Grade 5, French Immersion (Ms. Givens)

In a short written piece on a book the class had been studying (Daniel qui n’avait pas de maison, by Paolo Marabotto), Mery wrote how she could help others who were less fortunate. She has provided an English translation to her written response below.

English version: I can help others who are less fortunate by asking the person if they need food or if they need blankets. We can also help by giving them money or take the person to a shelter. This is what we could do to help the less fortunate.


Valerie, Grade 4 (Ms. Simpson) 

The culminating task for a Social Studies project in Ms. Simpson’s class was a tri-fold information brochure on a Canadian province. Valerie chose la belle province, Quebec. She put some drawings on the cover and back, and inside the the brochure she had some information for the following:

Top reasons to visit Quebec, interesting facts about the province, industries and economy of the province, and provincial flag, flower, and symbols, and the landscape of the province. Well done, Valerie!


Uthman, Grade 2 (Ms. Agbaje-Ojo)

Uthman’s piece of writing is an excellent retelling that connects his learning on an autumn field trip to a farm. Ms. Agbaje0Ojo reported that Uthman didn’t need much guidance to produce this journal entry, which demonstrates Uthman’s sound understanding of how to retell a personal story in written form. The artwork at the bottom appropriately fills out his learning experience using a visual retelling.



A quick peak inside Ms. Agbaje-Ojo’s gives us an immediate view of the learning tasks that students have completed. It’s warm, inviting very organized and visually stimulating.

Gwen, Grade 2 (Mlle. Ticoll)

A beautiful and artistic self-representation from Gwen, a Grade 2 student in the French immersion program. Early in the year, students were asked to write brief desription of themselves using familiar and common French vocabulary.










Cansu, Grade 2 (Mlle Ticoll)

Cansu’s art is a wonderful self-representation using mixed-media. In her art she has lollipops, which she said are her favourite kind of candies.









Olivia, Grade 3 (Mr. Belizaire, French Immersion)

In a recent project for Oral Communication in French, students were given a project to research and create a presentation about a country. Olivia chose Cuba as her topic, and at home, she found information about the country to present to her class in French. Much to the delight of her classmates, she also brought in some delicious Cuban rice and beans for everyone to try.



Avni, Grade 3 (Mr. Belizaire, French Immersion)

Avni’s presentation for Oral Communication in French was on India, a country that she and her parents know well. Her parents are from Northern India, and she has travelled to India before. Avni is able to explain the different parts of her presentation in French and English, and she told me that she liked the Indian Rupee because it could buy many things.










Elaina, Grade 5, Mr. Harvey’s Class

Toronto’s 2012 City Budget was one of the biggest news story of the year, with many proposed program cuts and changes. Students in Mr. Harvey’s class worked hard to write a formal persuasive letter to Mayor Rob Ford concerning the budget cuts. The final letter went through many stages of writing, including a pre-writing brainstorming activity, a persuasive writing idea map, a rough draft that was edited with descriptive feedback, and then a final version typed on the computer using MS Word. As you can see below, the stages of writing created an impressive final letter worthy to be sent to our mayor. Click on this link to view Elaina’s multi-step writing process.






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