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At Tumpane, we work hard, we work smart and we work together for success!

Tumpane Public School first opened in 1951. It expanded to include the French Immersion program in 1985. Tumpane Public School provides programs that support and reflect the initiatives of the Toronto District School Board and the Ministry of Education. Our goal is to provide a well-balanced curriculum that provides our students with the knowledge and skills life-long learning. We ensure that all students have equitable opportunities for success. Tumpane Public School is a dual track school offering both English and French Immersion programs. Students attending the English track reside in the Jane Street and Wilson Avenue communities. Students enrolled in our French Immersion Program hail from 16 different schools within the TDSB.

School Focus:

Our school focus is for all students to develop proficiency in reading. Guided reading is a key instructional practice used by all Tumpane staff to provide students with an opportunity to receive individual attention for the purpose of promoting independent reading skills. We believe “readers are leaders” and with that in mind, we include Character Education as a integral part of the curriculum. We recognize and celebrate character and academic achievement as central to building a safe and caring environment, building a culture of excellence.

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13 thoughts on “About the School

  1. Tumpane Public School is fun and the girls’ basketball team is good. They have fun and win for the school. From Shaniqua, Grade 3.

  2. Tumpane is a great school. Who ever thinks that Tumpane is not a great school then they’re wrong. I’m so, so, so, happy that school is not finished until summer because the school has more things that they can explore. THAT IS WHY TUMPANE IS EXCELLENT.
    Tattyannah Teacher:Ms.Jean-Gady Grade:3 Class:202

  3. sa c’est en francaise pour les gens qui parle en francaise.

    Tumpane c’est un ecole special. Si les enfant ou les gens pense pas sa ils ou elles a pas une grande ou un grand coeur ils ou elles a un gros ou une grosse coeur.J’ai tres tres content que l’ecole est pas encore fini parce-que j’ai a beaucoup de chose que je sais pas et les professeur vont enseige moi
    De:Tattyannah Proff:Madame Jean-Gady Class:202

  4. I love the basketball team! When we went against Chalkfarm Public school, we could not have won the game without Taya and Kayla, our leaders! Thanks guys and coaches for your coaching!

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