Jazz at Tumpane!

2014-05-16 10.29.30Tumpane staff and students were treated to a wonderful jazz concert by the Humber School of Creative and Performaning Arts. Humber College and Jazz FM 91.1 partnered together with TDSB to bring jazz into our schools.

The band consisted of Humber College students ranging from first to third-year of studies, and they performed a wide range of melodies from the history of jazz: from blues to  R & B, from Motown to conetmporary hits.

Thanks to Mr. Bellotto for organizing the concert for our school

6 thoughts on “Jazz at Tumpane!

  1. Thank you for coming to Tumpane Public School. We enjoyed the Jazz music in school and we enjoyed listing to it.

    Written from the school iPad.
    By Anna and Galima.

  2. Kollin and Brian P

    We loved your jazz music and your speed was perfect. It was wonderful hearing your music.

    From Kollin and Brian P

    Grade 3

    On IPad

  3. Thank you for coming to play jazz. It was so fun when you came to our school. I liked at the end when they played Happy because it sounded like the real song and everyone was singing along and kept the beat.

    we wrote this comment on iPad.

    Samuel is in Grade 3

    Kenny is in Grade 2.

  4. Nice performance for the whole school.I liked the end because happy was song and I liked the beat.

    Andy and Tunde are both in grade 2.

  5. Thank you for the Jazz music is so fun.and we see your music in the guy.we like your friend music and also you are very nice sing.we are Great friend to you we love you Jazz music to sing happy. We are so so so fun.

  6. Malena and Kaliyah

    I was so surprised that they played happy because it sounded just like the real one. I liked the blues song because we read a book about it. I like the girls because I like doing solos. I liked Nick because my favourite thing is congas. I like the Jazz in school because they could play good songs. Jazz in school reminds me of Hebbie Jebbies because there is a trumpet in it and it is Jazz music. I liked jazz in the school because I heard different tips of jazz. From Malena and Kaliyah. Kaliyah is in Grade 3 and Malena is in Grade 2.

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