Wednesday, February 25th, is Pink Shirt Day! We are encoraging students to say NO to bullying by wearing a pink shirt to school.
Pink Shirt day, or Anti-bullying day, is a day on which Canadians are encouraged to wear something pink to symbolize that we as a society won’t tolerate bullying anywhere!
Please assist us in creating a positive space at Tumpane Public School!

Music Theory and Guitar/Piano Club

MusicĀ Notes

2 new pages have been created. Music links and music lessons can be found on the Bellotto Music Theory page. You can find Guitar/Piano Club notes and lessons on the Guitar/Piano Club page. Vocal and guitar lessons are presently on the music theory page. There are also junior music lessons on the music theory page.

A Tumpane Choir page is in the works. It will have resources that the choir will be working on for our May 7th performance at Massey Hall. The TDSB Spring Festival hold this annual event. This is a rare opportunity for a small group of our students to perform in a well respected public venue.

Mr. Bellotto – Music Teacher