Name that Hallway!

At the last parent council meeting,  parents submitted the following choices to name our hallways. The choices had to be people who made a significant contribution to Canada. Only 7 names will be chosen, and voting ends on May 18th.
The ballot sheet has the following names:
Oscar Peterson
Herb Carnegie
Margret Atwood
Terry Fox
William Baffin
Roberta Bondar
David Suzuki
Harriet Tubman * not Canadian born but resided here after fleeing from slavery
Viola Desmond
Micheaelle Jean (former governor general)
David Foster
Harry Jerome
Jack Layton

First and Third Place at The Spelling Bee

 A very big congratulations to Enfei and Nhi in Mlle. Jean-Gady’s Grade 3 class for winning 1st and 3rd prize at the 25th Anniversary Spelling Bee competition. They will represent Tumpane at the city championship for the primary division. Ninette, also in Mlle. Jean-Gady’s class, took 4th place in the competition.

Two junior division students, Lauren and Ebony, both in Mlle. Given’s class, finished in the top 10.






 In total, 20 students from Tumpane prepared for many weeks to compete last Sunday, and they did so well. A huge thank you to Ms. Agbaje-Ojo and Mlle. Jean-Gady for their roles in coaching and coordinating the event.

Click here for additional information about Spelling Bee of Canada.