The Winter Concert

The Tumpane Winter Concert is quickly approaching, so keep Thursday, December 15th free on your calendar (7:00pm). The Parent Council has graciously arranged for 2 shuttle buses to take students to the concert venue. The buses will stop and pick up students at 4 different locations in the local community. Please do check the main foyer to see the schedule, or call the school for further information (416-395-2950).


Tumpane Literacy Night: December 8th @ 6:30pm


Beginning this year, Tumpane is offering a series of Workshops or Parent Academies for the purpose of engaging our parent community.  We believe an engaged parent is a parent who is informed about the school system and one who can participate within it as a partner to benefit their son/daughter.

If you are a parent of a son or daughter at Tumpane, we invite you to come and join us in a workshop that will have you explore your own level of literacy. 

Are you comfortable reading to your child? Do you have a favourite story?What’s your favourite book/author?

If you have a passion for literacy, come out and share it and learn how you can motivate your child to improve his/her language skills.

Come out and join us to explore literacy strategies you can use at home with your children. Tumpane’s Literacy Night will be held on December 8th, 2011, from 6:30 to 7:45pm. This will be the 1st meeting in the Parent Workshop Series. Click here to view the flyer.

Remembrance Day and Character Assembly


Tumpane recognized Remembrance Day today with a ceremony by staff and students. The students read poems and presented different perspectives on why we remember the brave men and women who served (and continue to serve) in the Canadian Armed Forces.

The assembly was also a time to recognize students from classes who have demonstrated the character trait for October: responsibility. Two students from each class were nominated to receive awards from Principal Dey. Congratulations to those students who are showing everyone how they are responsible members of society.

SMART Board in the Library

The school library and computer lab has a great addition: a SMART Board. This addition gives students in the primary grades an opportunity to interact with the new technology and ways of teaching/learning. Currently, only the junior grades have SMART Boards in their classrooms.

It’s amazing to see how quickly young learners adapt and grasp new concepts, including touch-sensitive screens. By simply placing these students in front of the SMART Board, you can see the imagination stirring in their eyes, and the amazing coordination of physical (hands, eyes, body position) and mental (thoughts, deductions, inferences, creativity). We’re looking forward to the future for these bright, young learners.


Character Trait for November: Empathy

Empathy is the new TDSB character trait for the month of November, which was preceded by Respect (September) and Responsibility (October).  The Cambridge Advanced Learners Online Dictionary defines empathy as follows: “The ability to share someone else’s feelings  or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in their situation.”

When we go through challenging circumstances, it’s always comforting to know that someone else can imagine and share our experience. Teaching our students to be more empathetic will be a lifelong lesson, filled with many occasions to be both empathetic to others and to receive empathy from others. It’s a lesson that will make us better equipped to understand the people in our neighbourhoods, our workplaces, and in a much broader sense, our world.